Per se logo
Per se logo

[p3:r' sei] lat. 'by itself'

PER SE is a production company focusing on events and theatrical productions with vast experience in producing and handling live events, exhibitions, film, design and delegated management. 

PER SE operates in four main areas: Live Events, Workshops, Concept Development and Film and Theatre Production. This progressive mix of disciplines brings the message closer to your audience. With a backup of advanced technology but with the focus on professional human presentation, we deliver quality communication that touches the audience, in just the right key. We work with all parts of a project and take overall responsibility for the production, implementation and operation of a project. 

PER SE started in 2001 and is owned and run by the two founders Per C Hansson and Bengt Bauler. Both Per and Bengt have extensive experience from creating communications concepts - from brand definitions to proposing and implementing activities. 

We carefully select our partners based on strict criteria and in consultation with our client. We work on the Swedish market as well as on other markets around the world. When working in Finland, PER SE uses the name PER-C.